Welcome to "The Russian Way", the site made by a Russian Figure Skating fan in order to represent the (sometimes) different point of view.

At this site you may:

Read intro which contain several things, usually called "Required disclaimer" or so, I've wanted to avoid putting them on every single page, so I collected all explanations and excuses at one page.

Read Articles from the Russian press. Some of them are really interesting and "revealing" so to say, others are just regular stuff, but I still translate them just to let you get the impression about the way figure skating is represented and covered in Russia. Unfortunately my English didn't allow me to translate them word-by-word sometimes, so I prefer to represent the meaning of the phrases as close as possible rather than preserve exact wording.

Check my Reviews from different events I've seen either life or on TV. Need I say what everything there, and on this site in general, just my personal opinion and I didn't want to offend or insult anyone? If after reading something you feel what it may be misread as an offence, please e-mail me and suggest how I can change the phrases.

Visit the Columns section which contains my write ups, about different event in the World of Figure Skating. Just random thoughts. The same "IMHO" rule apply to it. If you have you own ideas on the subject of any of them, e-mail me, I'll be interested in reading "other opinions" too, and if you want I will post your point of view on the site.

See the collection of Profiles I've made for Russian figure skaters. I've gained this information from many fan pages and competition results pages, and I hope it's not too bad nettiquette to present the summary. I've also include the links to the skaters fans sites...

Or finally you may check Misc section to see random skated related (as well, as completely random) things. Like the names of CDs and ODs used in the recent years or the places their European and World Championships were held (any additional info is welcome!). Once I've spent some time trying to find this info, so may be someone else would be interested in it too. There is some interesting "statistical" things, like name of the skaters who made the greatest progress in placement between two seasons. Results from Russian Nationals and Junior Russian Nationals. A little bit about myself. Just as I've said - the random stuff.

Or if you have already been to this site you may simply check Updates page.

All content of the page is (c) to Anna Kondakova unless otherwise noted.

Please do not use without my permission.

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