This part contains the translations of the various articles from Russian press.

I've done my best to translate them as accurately as possible, but my English sometimes didn't allow me to give word-by-word translations. In such cases I keep the meaning of the phrase rather than its exact wording. If you don't understand something e-mail me for the explanations. I will be thankful to anyone who can point out and correct the mistakes for me, I'm sure there are plenty of them, but I hope you will be graceful to me, just keep in mind what English is not my native language.

I'll try to keep this part of the page updated, but I can't promise anything other than "doing my best" because I'm a student and I have many other things to do.

I do not correct author's mistakes even if I knew what they are mistakes. After all the mistakes can tell a little bit about the author's knowledge, too... So please do not inform me what Moskvina is not working with Kyoko Ina & Jason Dungjen, I know it. I only inserted my comments if the authors mistake can produce a false impression about what really happened (like in articles from Russian Nationals).

I've divided all articles into three categories:

The first one is Editorials -- general articles, about figure skating as the sport, the situation with figure skating in Russia or abroad, things journalists think about different events in the world of figure skating, and so on.
Last update: 09 February 2000.
2 items.

The second one Interviews and Bios are skater's and other figure skating specialist's biographies and interviews with them, there they talk about their life, their plans for the future or their activities in the past.
Last update: 23 Ferbuary 2000.
13 items.

And the last one -- Post Factum are articles about skating events. Prediction ones as well as the one written after the event was over.
Last update: 22 February 2000.
8 articles

The articles on this site are taken from the newspapers Sport Express, Sovetsky Sport, Moscow News, and Arguments and Facts who put the note "no usage without naming of source and author". I guess the thing I've done is not entirely against the law.

There are other sources too. For example Izvestia one of the most respectable Russian daily newspaper, which, however seems to have little respect for Russian figure skaters, because they article are usually quite critical and cynical towards them. They were the only one who openly doubt Anjelika Krylova's injury, and say what they are just afraid to compete against the French team in France. They have also made several not flattering comments about other skaters.

These articles while interesting and probably refreshing as "the other point of view" are, unfortunately, sometimes full of factual mistakes which somehow diminish them in the eyes of those who know what they talking about (at the GFP final one, there were at least three: they called Michelle Kwan three-times World Champion, stated what Irina Slutskaya was the first lady to land 3L/3T combo (repeated several times), and what Evgeny Plushenko is working of the backflip (from the context I guess they mean (quad) salchow, because Russian word for backflip salto sounds similar to the name of the jump). Not always of course, but still... Unfortunately they require written agreement of the editors to use the materials, but if you are really interested in those articles you may order the translations from the customer's service at their site, the prices are about 5$ a page. (BTW, the Yagudin inteview which were availiable at FSW once was taken from this newspaper).

There is also a weekly magazine Ogonyok. But aside from having the same demand (written permission from editors) its articles are usually written in form of essays, and I don't think I can accurately translate them keeping the author's style. They had several long pieces about Tatyana Tarasova, if you are interested I may send you a "summary" of this interviews in private e-mail.

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