This site is made by Russian figure skating fan, who permanently lives in Russia.

After we've bought a modem for our home PC couple of years ago, I was reading different mailing lists like SkateFans and Katanyie or discussion boards like Figure Skating World and was surprised to see how different my reactions are sometimes from the reaction of many North American skating fans.

Of course it would be naughty to say what I speak on behalf of all Russian figure skating fans, but the fact is what I've met several Russians who share my opinions about different skating events (but I've also met others who did not). So I may say what this site is called "The Russian Way" mainly because it represents my opinion and the opinion of several Russian fans, who due to cultural differences or just personal tastes sometimes see things differently.

Probably you would be interested in *listening* to some different opinions too, even though they are sometimes very different and you may even be upset with them. I also tried to represent the Russian attitude to figure skating by translation articles from Russian newspapers, even though I'm not sure how this thing goes with copyright laws, so I would appreciate if you don't use them without my permission.

Need I say what everything in this site [save for the articles translations, of course] is just my personal opinion and and what it wasn't intended to offend anyone? If you read a phrase you consider to offensive, let me know how I can change it.

One very last thing before you actually start reading the site. As you have probably already guessed English is not my native language and I'm sorry for possible mistakes in grammar or bad style. I will welcome and correct them if you point them out for me.

Feel free to e-mail me you comments, suggestions for improvement or bug reports. I'm a real beginner in web-design and will welcome any additional information about how I could make things better.

Welcome once again. You may follow the map on the top, links on the bottom, or visite updates page

Hope you will like it.

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